All Procedures

Emergency Room
Emergency Room Level 1 Emergency Room Level 2 Emergency Room Level 3
Emergency Room Level 4 Emergency Room Level 5 Emergency Room Critical Care
CT Scan Abdomen w/Contrast Materials CT Scan Abdomen w/ & w/o Contrast Material EEG
CT Scan Abdomen w/o Contrast Material CT Scan Abdomen and Pelvis w/Contrast Material CT Scan Abdomen and Pelvis w/o Contrast Material
CT Scan Head w/o Contrast Materials CT Scan Chest w/Contrast Materials CT Scan Chest w/o Contrast Material
CT Scan Pelvis w/Contrast Material DXA Bone Density Study MRI Brain w/ & w/o Contrast Material
MRI Breast DX MRI Cervical w/ & w/o MRI Lumbar w/ & w/o
Ultrasound Abdomen Single Organ Ultrasound Abdomen Complete Ultrasound Aorta
Ultrasound Carotid Ultrasound Gallbladder Ultrasound Pelvis
Ultrasound Pelivs Transvag Non-OB Ultrasound Renal Ultrasound Testicular
Ultrasound Venous LE X-Ray Abdomen X-Ray Ankle
X-Ray Cervical X-Ray Chest 2 View X-Ray Elbow
X-Ray Foot 3+ View X-Ray Hand 3+ View X-Ray Hip 2+ View
X-Ray Knee 1-2 View X-Ray Knee 3+ View X-Ray Lumbar
X-Ray Shoulder X-Ray Wrist
CT Scan Pulmonary/Angiogram CT Scan Low Dose Cancer Screening
MRI Lumbar WO Mammogram Screen MRI Brain W
Cardiology Testing
Echocardiography Echocardiography Stress Holter Record
Holter Analysis Myocardial Perfusion Spect Stress Test
Pulmonology Testing
Sleep Study Unattended Spirometry Aerososl Treatment
Physical Therapy
E-Stim Therapy Physical Therapy First Visit Iontophoresis
Gait 15 Min Ther Activity Ther Ex 15 Min
Man Tech 15 Min Re-Eval Neuromuscular Re-Ed
Ultrasound 15 Min
Facility/Physician Colon Endoscopy Colon/EGD Colonoscopy Physician
Facility/Physician Colon/EGD EGD Physician Facility/Physician EGD
Endoscopy Colon Endoscopy/EGD
GI Office Visit Level 2 GI Office Visit Level 3 GI Office Visit Level 4
GI Office Visit Level 5 GI Office Visit Level 3 NP GI Office Visit Level 4 NP
GI Consult OP L2 GI Consult OP L3 GI Consult OP L4
GI Consult OP L5
Primary Care
HemoglobinA1C Vaccine TdaP Vaccine/Medication Administration First
Vaccine/Medication Administration Add Earwax Removal EKG
Fasting Blood Sugar Fingerstick Vaccine Hepatitis A Adult Vaccine Hepatitis B Adult
Vaccine Human Papilloma virus Vaccine Influenza Trivalent Joint Injection/Drainage Med
Joint Injection/Drainage Leg Medical Wellness Exam 0-12 Month Medical Wellness Exam 5-11 Year
Medical Wellness Exam 11-12 Year Medical Wellness Exam 18-39 Year Medical Wellness Exam 40-65 Year
Medical Wellness Exam >65 Year Vaccine Meningococcal Meningitis Vaccine MMR
Aerosol Treatment Office Visit Level 2 Established Office Visit Level 3 Established
Office Visit Level 4 Established Office Visit Level 5 Established Pregnancy Test Urine
Injection Phenergan Vaccine Pneumovax Pneumococcal 23 Vaccine Polio IPV
PROTIME Vaccine Prevnar Pneumococcal 13 Shave Lesion Trunk 0.5cm
Shave Lesion Face 0.5cm
Injection Steriod 40mg TB Skin Test Vaccine Td
Injection Toradol 15mg Vaccine Varicellla Chicken Pox WART Treatment Cryotherapy
Vaccine Shingles
Labratory Services
BRCA1+2 SEQ+ COM Amylase Blood Culture
ABO Blood Typing BRCA1+2 UNCOM HGB A1C
Blood Gas Arterial BNP CBC With Diff
Chem Panel Basic Chem Panel Complete CK Total
CK MB Fraction Urine Culture Hematocrit
Hemoglobin Hemoglobin A1C Hepatic Function Panel
Lipase Lipid Panel Magnesium
PAP Phosphorous Protime
PSA Renal Panel Sedimentation Rate
Troponin TSH Urine with Micro
Hospital Services
ER Level 1 ER Level 2 ER Level 3
ER Level 4 ER Level 5 ER CC
Facility Coronary Angiogram Facility Cardioversion Hospital Semi-Private
Newborn Nursery Newborn Nursery Special Care Newborn Nursery Intermediate Care
Newborn Nursery ICU Hospital Intermediate Care Hospital Intermediate Care Telemetry
Hospital Adult ICU Psychiatric Semi-Private Antepartum Semi-Private
Minor Surgery 15 Min Minor Surgery Add Min Major Surgery 15 Min
Major Surgery Add Min Complex Surgery 15 Min Complex Surgery Add Min